Do you think it is better to politely agree with your date when they say something you disagree with or stand your ground?

I blew a date pretty recently with a woman. We went out and and she asked what I did in my spare time and I said the usual stuff “hang out with friends, family, listen to music, watch movies” but I also said “play video games” and she got really weirded out by that, saying that video Games are “for kids” and someone my age should not be playing them.

I completely disagree with that view, like movies or any other entertainment medium, some video games can be for kids and some for adults

I wasn’t rude or anything but I politely disagreed with her and explained how many games made now have huge cinematic like intricate plots and intense adult gameplay and require lateral thinking and all sorts of problem solving skills.

She didn’t agree and basically said that it was weird for someone in their 30s to play video games. Long story short, I never got a second date with her.

In situations where your date expresses a viewpoint you disagree with, like this, do you find it easier to just agree with them to keep the peace or to politely stand your ground?

Is there anything I could have done better in that situation?

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