Dating in Autumn: why it’s the best


It seems to be the received wisdom that summer is the best time to date, and, of course, all those picnics, BBQs, sunset walks and al fresco dinners are wonderful. However, we think there’s a lot to be said for the joys of dating in autumn. Not convinced? We’ve got five reasons that we think will change your mind.

The weather is perfect

If you’ve ever turned up to a summer date red-faced, perspiring and desperately trying to hide the big sweat patches under your armpits, you’ll know that dating in hot weather isn’t all its cracked up to be. Autumn provides the perfect balance between hot and cold.

It looks so romantic

On a sunny day when the russet leaves are falling gently from the trees, you can’t help but feel like the world is a gloriously romantic place. Plus, you can get some super romantic couples selfies for Instagram too. Pop on your cutest woolly jumpers and get outside.

Dating sites are packed with new members

Dating sites get busier in months in the leading up to Christmas, as no one wants to spend the winter shivering on their own without a bae to snuggle up to, so you’ll have a larger pool of lovely people to choose from.

It’s the perfect time for hygge

Although originally a Scandinavian concept, the British are now fully on board with hygge. For those who still haven’t heard of it, hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) is a Danish and Norwegian word for a feeling of cosy contentment and wellbeing, usually brought about by snuggling up somewhere warm with a cup of something hot. Perfect for dating.

There are loads of fun dating options

People don’t do much in the summer, apart from obsess about being out in the sun, so autumn is when loads of fun events happen. Though they may be curtailed by coronavirus this year, you can still carve pumpkins, watch fireworks and make Christmas gifts together.

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