Craig’s Challenge — Make a Hot Girl Laugh

Craig’s Challenge — Make a Hot Girl Laugh

Exactly How to Make a Girl Laugh… (And How Laughter is the Fastest Way to the Bedroom…)

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Hey guys, it’s Craig with another challenge that I want you to try this weekend: make a hot girl laugh.

Laughter is like catnip to women. If you can make her laugh, you’re 95% of the way to attracting her.

In a nutshell, it makes her ENJOY being around you. Which will make her WANT to be around you more and more.

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Now, this might seem like a tough task if you’re not super confident talking to hot girls.

But don’t worry, I’m going to give you some advice from my personal experience and from some of my mentors to help you out.

Let’s go over a few ideas:

Use Self-Deprecating Humor

This is one of my personal favorites.

My buddy Ariel Vagus explains why self-deprecating humor works so well.

Basically, you’re showing that you don’t take yourself too seriously. That you don’t believe you’re perfect and can laugh at your flaws. And that takes some balls.

Check out his article over at Your Alpha Dude to learn more.

Craig’s Challenge — Make a Hot Girl Laugh

Tease Her to Turn Her On Instantly

Glenn brings up the importance of teasing in the seduction process. As he points out (correctly) EVERY woman loves to be teased.

Teasing a woman is a great way to make her laugh and show your fun flirty side.

Think of teasing as a way to make a compliment sound like a light-hearted insult.

For example, if she says she’s in medical school or works as an accountant, you can reply with “Alright alright, we get it, you’re brilliant. Quit being such a show off!”

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Keep It Light, Keep It Positive

As a general rule, you want to keep things positive and avoid negative humor until you’ve gotten to know a girl’s likes and dislikes.

That’s Cher Gopman’s advice — considered the top wingwoman in New York City. She says to avoid insulting people or being overly negative and instead keep things upbeat.

This gives you the ability to have a joke or two fall flat without causing anyone to get insulted or turned off.

Get her other 4 proven tactics to help you get laid here.

Craig’s Challenge — Make a Hot Girl Laugh

How to Sleep With Girls (You THINK) Are Out of Your League…

I’ve been sleeping with the same woman everyday, multiple times a day, for a few months now…

Now.. this girl is hot… one of the hottest women I’ve ever had the pleasure of nailing.

She’s got the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, blue eyes that can steal your soul, the face of an angel, and the s*x drive of a succubus…

We met a few months back, and when my friends and I spotted her we couldn’t help but stare… same with every single guy in a 50 foot radius.

This chick was so hot that when I said I was going to talk to her two of my friends burst out laughing… one laughed so hard, his drink came out of his nose.

They clearly believed I stood no chance, and she was way out of my league.
This didn’t bother me, because I knew all I had to do was make a move fast and use my secret weapon…

At first when I approached her she was pretty non-reactive — and I could see my friends from the corner of my eye pointing and laughing at me… thinking I had just gotten rejected.

But I didn’t stop…

…and in a minute she went from uninterested to giggling at my corny jokes.

Next thing you know we’re flirting and taking shots together…

Within 30 minutes we’re making out, and 2 hours later she’s rubbing my c**k like a genie is gonna come out of it…

How did I get this girl (who my friends thought was way “out of my league”) to crave me, like a fat kid drooling over a slice of chocolate cake?

A combination of negative body language and touch ←

By positioning my body in a certain way I communicated to her in a subconscious way that I’m not really interested in her, I’m just being friendly…

While subtly turning her on with my touch…

The more I innocently touched her in sensitive areas, the more she got turned on…

All while believing I wasn’t interested, because of what my body language was communicating.

This made her view me as a prize, and made her want me, because she thought she had to work to get me.

Soon enough she was so soaked, you would have thought she just went for a swim…

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