Confidence is attractive but just because you are confident does not mean you are attractive.

Honestly that’s kind of where my head space is because I’ve been pretty dailed but I also know I’m pretty confident compared to the average person and that is attributed to a lot of my upbringing

I’m still pretty hateful and bitter about my upbringing but it did show me just how stupid and sometimes crazy social norms and interactions can be

Example: I know how to talk to people and for years I’ve kind of felt insecure about the way I talk because I’m black and many people of various races have told me that I am somehow not really black or “acting white”

And didn’t take me until about I was 16 to finally be proud of it because it actually did help me get two places and I have impressed people with my words but. One could argue that’s a confident trait but does that really translate into dating?

Jimmy can run 5,000 miles and slay 300 dragons but if no girl finds him attractive then that’s just that. Saying that he has a lack of confidence seems to just contribute to the just world fallacy because, I imagine if Jimmy came to Reddit for advice he will be given the same generic advice of being confident.

If Jimmy can run 5,000 miles in a day and slay 300 dragons he must be pretty confident

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