Come Out of the Closet


Coming out of the closet is a term used to describe when someone makes everyone else around them aware of their non- heterosexuality. Coming out is never easy and you tend to learn something new in the process. There are some things that you should know before announcing your non heterosexuality and they are as follows:

  • You have more attributes than just being gay

Most people out of fear tend to think that being gay is the only thing that defines them. This is not true!! There is a lot more that defines you than just your sexuality. Your hobbies, your interests these are all the other things that should be looked at. Once you come out people start viewing you in a new light so take advantage and be yourself. Don’t let the sexuality aspects define you.

  • It never ends

For people that come out, they’ll understand that the process never ends. When people come out, they expect the process to be a onetime thing. The truth is coming out never ends. In your life you’re going to meet new people, new friends and even family that have no idea about you. So, you need to understand that coming out is a continuous process and that you have to be more open to letting people know about you.

  • Dating will prove to be a new experience

For a gay person dating is a hard thing to do. It sort of becomes a new experience. It’s hard because there are no sex education classes to teach you about the different struggles of dating as a gay person. The internet is also not much help when it comes to this matter. Don’t be surprised when you make mistakes on the dating part, that is normal and it will happen. It’s all in the learning process.

Cheating and How to Begin Rebuilding Trust

Unfortunately there is no way to avoid incredible pain when facing a relationship suffering from infidelity. In fact, most of us can’t get over the pain our spouse or significant other inflicted because of cheating. So the first thing to do is to determine how far we are willing to go to salvage what is left after your relationship was hit with an 8.5 emo-quake which demolished everything you had built together.

There are questions that must be answered before deciding whether building new trust from the ground up will have a chance to succeed:

  • Was it a genuine one-time slip or an actual love affair?
  • Can you trust that he or she will never cheat again?
  • How good was your relationship when the cheating incident(s) occurred?
  • Does he or she truly regret what happened?
  • Can I accept that this will be a new relationship because the one we had is gone?
  • Can I experience the disaster’s outcome and move on to the rebuilding phase? In other words, can I accept that your significant other leveled your relationship and forgive he or she enough to build a new relationship out of the rubble left behind?

Regardless of whether the decision is to rebuild or let go, the most difficult tasks are ahead. Going through the rubble and discovering what still lives and what has died is not for the faint of heart. But the chance that what you build now will be stronger and better than what was there before is worth the fight.

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Growing up, Steve observed his parents’ grow in love and commitment with every year they were married. But, following a series of tough break-ups, Steve discovered that finding true love wasn’t as easy as he had thought. he then decided to pursue a career as a dating coach. Through his educational and life experience he learned that each situation requires a personalized approach, dependent on the values and desires of each of his clients. Since then he has become a sought-after expert on the nature of the dating game and how to win at it!

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