Casual sex is exhausting

I’m 23M, so I guess casual sex should be my shit. Well I’ve tried it and every time, I get attached to the girl. Then it’s a cascade of fuckery after trying to sus out who’s more involved because “feelings bad”.

The major fuck up on my part is I’m a passionate lover, which means the sex is great because of my approach but then bam. I get pushed into the deep end and next thing I know, my emotions are swimming in a deep ocean. At this point, I question whether it’s my choice in women or if I’m just too sensitive.

I like who I am though, I love being a great and romantic person. I love giving someone so much attention and pleasing them, even when it comes to cuddles. Yet, I unfamably get broken down every time. It’s so dumb and i can imagine this happens to girls more than men, and it’s fucked and i hate this feeling shit. Who fucking knew that sex can fuck with your head lol.

Would love to hear your thoughts, during the moment I love it because I get pretty lonely. So the intimacy is appreciated, but it seems so fickle and momentary.

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