Can I get a show of hands if you or someone you know has had herpes disclosed pre sex ?

I was recently diagnosed with GHSV1 (& surprise! cold sores can transfer to your genitals and wreak havoc) and found the r/herpes subreddit .. now I can say I’ve had my fair share of partners & between me and my friends who are mostly decent looking, we have slept with a lot of people combined. None of us has ever had someone else say “wait, I have to let you know I have herpes”

Also for clarification: I’m not asking this because I’m trying to justify not disclosing but I find the stigma between oral herpes and genital herpes baffling. I’m just trying to find out the likelihood that people actually disclose this virus. The person I was with knew they had gotten cold sores in the past and never shared that information, and I didn’t expect them to honestly. Thoughts please?

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