Becoming more physically attractive has made me realize I’m def gonna be single forever

I lost allot of weight recently. As a result I’ve been getting alllllllot more attention from women, both irl, with staring and whatnot, and especially on apps, where I’ve been been able to accumulate hundreds of matches. Ironic thing is, this apparent improvement of my material circumstances has made me realize just how fucked my psychology is.

Despite feeling lonely and yearning for companionship fairly often, I am just to lazy or scared to do anything about it. I can’t motivate myself to even do as much as smile back at a girl, or message them on tinder. I just sit here and feel bitter, sorry for myself, mad at fate for dealing me such a shit hand. Meanwhile I’m doing absolutely nothing to actually go after the things I want. I can’t break this cycle. I don’t even know what particular advice I’m asking for here this might just be a cry for help.

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