Asked out waitress and she said yes????

26M, got out of a relationship about a year ago and finally feeling ready to date somebody else.

For the past few months I’ve been going to this small, family-run Korean restaurant close to my apartment. My friends and I would often go and eat dinner there. The owner is super friendly and the food is superb.

About 3 weeks ago, the owner’s niece (early 20s) started working there as a waitress. She is so gorgeous and I honestly was dumbstruck the first time I saw her. She could honestly model, idk why she was working in a restaurant.

Anyways, she seemed really shy and reserved so we didn’t make much small talk asides from taking our orders.

Now I’ve been going there once or twice a week to eat, mostly by myself, sometimes with a friend or two. A few days ago it was just me, and I was the only person left in the restaurant.

She was closing up, and before I left I paid at the front and then asked her if she’d like to go to dinner with me sometime. She said yes and gave me her number.

Yesterday we went on our first date (had dinner at a different restaurant lol) and are making plans for a second! She also confessed to me that she’d been harboring a secret crush on me for quite a while.

TLDR: I put myself out there and did something I normally never would do (ask out a stranger) and it paid off ????????

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