As a teenager, I’m sure you must have thought you would never get into your first relationship… (VENTING)

I mean, I’m not gonna speak for every single person on here, but I hope there are people who have felt like they are unlikely to ever get into a relationship because “you’ve tried so many times already but it never worked”. I know it’s a stupid and irrational thought, but it’s hard not to think that being a teenage girl myself, especially when you hear stories from other 17 years olds about how many boyfriends they’ve had etc, when you haven’t even had your first kiss… (and don’t even get me started on tv series and social media that perpetuate the idea of like every teenager being in a serious relationship). But at the same time I know that I’m just 17, and this lockdown must surely be over at some point so I’ll get a chance to date later in life, I just have to wait and enjoy myself in the meanwhile.

Usually my brain goes from ‘I’ll never get a boyfriend” to “what the hell are you talking about of course you will queen” in like 5 minutes (multiple times a day) but I guess that’s just a part of being a teenager and that’s a phase you have to go through… So yeah I don’t know what the point of this post was but I hope someone finds this relatable ?

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