Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to dating?


Do you feel like you aren’t getting enough dates and you can’t figure out why? Often we blame outside factors for the fact that our love life isn’t going the way we’d like it to, but sometimes our own unconscious behaviours are things that are holding us back. Here’s how you may be sabotaging your dating life without even realising.

You aren’t paying attention to your profile

If you’ve been online for a while and you aren’t getting much interest, it’s time to shake up your profile. The most important thing you can do is add new photos, but small details like changing the age range of the people you’re looking for can also help. A stale, neglected profile won’t do you any favours.

You take ages to reply to messages

Whilst you don’t need to reply instantly, if you leave it too long to get back in touch, potential dates will think you aren’t serious about dating and will move on. Make time to reply to all messages at least once a day.

You’re playing it too cool

Playing hard to get rarely works, and it is definitely a turn off if you’re communicating online and haven’t even met yet! Enthusiasm is attractive, so show your excitement about meeting up with people and getting to know them.

You look too hard for reasons to turn people down

If you view all potential date’s profiles looking for reasons not to date them, you can’t then claim there just aren’t any good people out there. If you look for the good things and give everyone a chance, you’re much more likely to meet someone.

You’re unavailable

If you’re so busy with work that you barely have time to schedule a dentist’s appointment, let alone a date, you’re going to find meeting someone hard. Consider whether now is the right time to be dating, and if you need to make changes so you have time to actually go on dates.

You’re not making dating a priority

The above point leads onto this one. If you aren’t making time to give dating the attention it deserves, you will find it very hard to meet someone. If you’re really serious about your dating life, make it a priority, and you’ll soon end up with some great dates.

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