Are these mistakes every guy makes during their first relationship?

I’m a 24 year old male. I always had many options throughout high school, college, and after college to date someone. I never took the opportunity because I always found something wrong with the other person, or I just wasn’t feeling it/was uncommitted.

So I was in my first relationship and I was really committed. We dated for 10 months and I broke things up a month ago because of the relationship becoming toxic.

Mistakes I made during the relationship:

  1. Both of us being clingy and both of us moving way too fast in the relationship

  2. Both of us talking about our future kids, future families, future businesses ventures together, moving in together in the future.

  3. Making her my priority instead of focusing on myself and my needs.

  4. Using her to fill my void of reassurance and love

  5. Helping her in every way (comes back to making her a priority)

  6. Both texting each other all day, being on call with each other for 3-4 hours everyday

A lot of these were issues because we both became really clingy with each other and when one of us needed space it became a huge problem.

Are these problems most people have during their first relationship?

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