Anyone else feel like getting ghosted has made you less eager to date?

Some years back, I got ghosted by someone I’d been seeing for a few months, and it was a pretty difficult thing to process because this person had given me every indication that they wanted me to invest myself emotionally into them. I’d even go as far as saying that they pursued me rather than the other way around, so when they ghosted me, it was very confusing, surprising, upsetting, and it took me into a whole different level of processing my emotions in a way I never anticipated. In short, from that point on, I became aware that people could be deceptive and did not care about how something they did made you feel. As long as they were okay, that’s all they cared about. The whole “no one owes you an explanation” deal suddenly took on a toxic new form.

Over the years, I’ve been on and off dating apps, but haven’t really dated all that much. Whenever I think a connection is going somewhere, *poof* the person is gone. At this stage, I’m so tired of how normal it’s become for people to ghost or lead others on that I’m less eager to date. I see it all around me in other people’s experiences, and not just my own, too.

It’s kind of scary and sad at the same time how little respect anyone has for other people anymore, and I’m realizing I’ve grown weary of dating because I just don’t want to deal with that shit anymore.

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