Actions Over Words

So after reading post after post, here’s the thing I’ve finally figured out. Dating is easy. We just complicate it – often cause we want our situation to be different than the reality.

So, most importantly: Stop listening to the words and watch actions instead.

  • Are you doing all the work/texting? Step back and see what happens.

  • Do they ask about your day? Your interests? Or is it all about them.

  • Do they make time for you?

  • Do they express their interest? Set up follow up dates?

If they are into you, the cold, hard reality is:

  • You will never have to chase them around.

  • Bringing up something that’s on your mind isn’t going to scare them away

  • They will want to spend time with you and will make it happen

  • You won’t have that anxious pit in your stomach

Because sorry, no one is THAT busy. If someone wants to make time (even if it’s just a quick coffee), they will. We all have the same 24 hours in a day – we all prioritize what matters.

We get swayed by sweet sentiments, pet names, talks of the future but I’m telling you – until the actions are there, ignore it. If it’s just talk, it’s worth nothing. When the actions match the words, awesome!

You deserve someone that can’t wait to see you again. Who you feel yourself around. Who makes time for you.

You don’t deserve to be a back burner option. You don’t have to talk someone into being with you. You are worth more than someone who won’t solidify plans and cancels all the time.

If s/he’s not returning your texts, ghosting, not making any effort, cut it loose. Don’t waste a second on it other than to congratulate yourself that you dodged a bullet.

Actions over words. Actions over words.

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