7 Surefire Strategies to Attract Hot Girls, Gain Confidence & Get Laid During Quarantine

dating during covid
Discover the best tips for dating during covid…

Dating During Covid Just Got a Whole Lot Easier…

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Today I’m going to break down a step-by-step guide you can use to attract women, develop better confidence and make the most out of quarantine so you can reap the rewards when it’s over.

“How am I supposed to get a girlfriend in this, David?”

“Bars are closed.”

“Bookstores are closed.”

“I even have to stay 6 ft. away from women in the street!”


I know things are far from normal right now.

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This is definitely not the easiest time to get a physical connection, so what can you do?

Today, I’m going to tell you what you can do right now in terms of dating during covid, and also, what you should do to get yourself ready for when this ends.

Let’s dive right in.

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3 Proven Ways to Escalate With Hot Girls Online…

First off, now is the perfect time to practice your skill in chat windows and text messages. Make this lockdown and dating during covid can actually work to your benefit.

Keeping a conversation interesting in chat is almost the same as keeping it interesting in person, except you have important extra time to come up with your responses.

Why is extra time such a good thing?

Well, in person, it’s pretty obvious when you’re thinking of a reply.

In a chat window, I can’t tell if you’ve been away from the window for a little while and you’re now coming back, or if you are really responding right now to my comment.

Also, you can cut and paste in chat windows and have more than one conversation at a time.

You can look things up and get ideas and verification and ask for help, all while continuing a keyboard conversation.

Also you can give her space when she requests it.

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4 Signs She Might Be Stringing You Along (Or Worse, “Catfishing” You)…

Wait, she never told me she wants space. How can I tell that’s what she is asking for?

Here are some pretty big indicators that she’s either not interested, truly doesn’t have the time right now, or even that she isn’t who she says she is:

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1) She doesn’t START conversations.

I’m talking about phrases like:

“How are you?”

“Hey you…”

“Hey, what’s up?”

“How was lunch… ” etc.

If you’re always the one to start a conversation, take a break.

When she’s had enough time to miss you, she’ll start texting.

2) She doesn’t respond right away.

This is the WORST.

When you send a message and don’t get a reply right away, do you follow up with another reply?

Maybe you guess (i.e. ass-u-me) why she’s not responding and then explain.

Hey… I guess you’re still in the bath.”

Or you make an excuse for her:

“OK, that was a bit random. Don’t worry about it.”

I’d recommend avoiding all of these approaches, and just give her SPACE.

Let her have the room to respond.

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3) Her responses are shorter than usual.


4) Her responses are shorter than yours.

Be aware of the natural conversation dynamics.

Does she usually send paragraphs, but now she’s sending sentences?

Or (more common), if she usually sends sentences, and now she’s sending one word replies—something is probably up.

What do you do?

Ask what’s wrong? Nope.

That’s not the way to deal with women, dude. If you ask what’s wrong, she’ll come up with something.

Just give her space.

Keep all that in mind, and you’ll be the only guy she wants to talk to while she’s stuck at home.

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Is Now the Right Time to Meet Women Online?

Did you notice that earlier I said, “practice your online skills,” and not “meet girls online”?

Maybe it’s my own bias for face-to-face interactions that makes me say this, but I don’t recommend you start relationships online–ESPECIALLY during this quarantine.

To start with, the conversation online is often misleading.

You might think you’ve taken your relationship farther than you have.

When this is all over, you can end up spending money or travelling, just to find out she’s not ready, and you get nothing out of it.

On the other side, SHE can expect a relationship you haven’t promised, because of her own take on the conversation.

When you do meet her, she can be clingy before you even know if you like her.

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This can happen however you meet women, but especially online.

And now, with this crazy dating during Covid situation, you will have MORE opportunities than ever to talk to women before you can meet.

That means MORE fantasies on BOTH sides, because people right now have less actual contact and more need for human interaction.

That means expecting—or promising—a complete relationship with a pen pal is more likely.

While that may work out for some people, for most it will lead to BIG disappointment.

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How To Use This Time to Become the Best You… for the Post-Pandemic Orgy That’s Coming!

“But David, didn’t you also say you know something important I should work on, while we’re in lockdown?”

Here’s my answer:

Now is the best ever time to focus on you.

Instead of using this non-social time to find women, use it to become Girlfriend-Getting material.

None of us is at our very best, and most of us could really use improvement. Non-physical improvement.

Sure, you can work on physical improvements, too. Do some sit-ups.

But also work on you.

For guys, getting better at any of your favorite skills (work, hobby or social) develops confidence and self-reliance. Those things make you more attractive.

(Increase your attraction with these simple tips. Perfect to break out of the friends zone.)

Developing your emotional strengths increases your self-love and self-acceptance. Do you remember what the most attractive trait is, in a man?

That’s right, self-acceptance.

My favorite way to work on emotional strength is through affirmations, goal-setting and reading influential work.

I get inspired by reading biographies of great men. Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Steve Jobs, Carl Icahn, Lee Iacocca, and Jack Welsh are examples of men whose biographies I think you will find inspirational.

I also love the self-help, motivational and inspirational books by authors like Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Orison Swett Marden, Tim Ferriss, Charles Duhigg, Jen Sincero, and my schoolmate James Altucher.

Fiction can be just as motivating.

My personal favorite inspiring novels are The Book of the Courtier by Baldessare Castiglione and Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist.

And finally, here’s a more tangible way to escalate with hot women online if you do connect witha woman and want to take things further:

dating during covid
Keep scrolling for proven messages to help dating during covid

5 “Copy-And-Paste” Messages That Make Hot Girls Online Horny & Eager to Hookup With You Right Away…

When I mentioned copying and pasting multiple conversations to different women at the same time… you might have been thinking something like:

“That sounds great… but what exactly can I copy and paste?”

Good question… I’m referring to these 5 short, yet clever “copy-and-paste” messages←

Because there are TONS of lines you can find online for dating sites and apps… and 99% of them just don’t work.

As a matter of fact, the majority of those lines are untested… and often get rejected quickly as a result… (even if the girl was uber interested in you before).

But these messages are different.

They’re unique, and few guys know them… though they have been thoroughly tested… both by myself and the guys I personally coach…

And they work REALLY well to get a girl to:

Hell… you might even be surprised by how often these messages will allow you to find a girl who’s into you… horny… and eager to show up to your place with a bottle of wine, in knee-high boots, a trench coat…

And nothing but skimpy lace black lingerie underneath:

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P.S. I think my favorite of the bunch is this “innocent” question, which can get a hot girl to turn things sexual like it’s her idea… what do you think?

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