6 early signs someone is looking for a real relationship


If you know you’re looking for a long term relationship it can be very frustrating to find out you’ve gone on several dates with someone who is only in it for the short term. Whilst MySingleFriend mainly attracts people who are looking for something genuine and long lasting, you may still find people whose ideas about the future aren’t compatible with yours. Here are the early signs to look out for which will tell you if someone is looking for a real relationship or not.

They’ve had long term relationships in the past

If someone has a history of commitment it’s likely they will want to get into another one. We don’t recommend grilling them about their relationship history on a first date, but they are bound to mention things here and there that will give you some pointers.

They drop hints about their relationship goals

If someone is a major commitment-phobe, they will steer the conversation away from topics like marriage and children the moment it begins to stray close. However, if someone is comfortable talking about those topics, even though not in relation to your own lives, it’s a good sign.

They make you a priority

You’ll be able to tell if someone is making you a priority, however small the clues are. For example, if someone always calls you when they say they will, answers text messages and initiates seeing you, at least some of the time, you’ll know they have a genuine interest in a relationship with you.

They start making small commitments to you

Your date may begin to make tiny steps towards commitment, when the time is right, such as asking if you can be exclusive, wanting to get to know your friends, or leaving items at your home. This strongly suggests they aren’t just in it for the short term and are seeing you as an ongoing part of their future.

They introduce you to friends and family

If someone is envisioning a long term relationship with you, they will want to embed you in all areas of their life, including meeting friends and family. When someone starts to enmesh you in their social circles like this you can be pretty sure they aren’t just in it for the sake of a few hook ups.

They make plans for the future

We’re not talking marriage and kids at this stage, but if someone is making plans with you a few months into the future they’re obviously interested in you. This could be a concert that’s a while off or a summer holiday, but even if the details aren’t mapped out, they’re definitely thinking in the longer term.

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