5 Steps to Make Her Your Girlfriend (And Get A “Yes!” Every Time)

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Hey, what’s up? It’s Ruwando here on behalf of Gotham Club, and today we’re going to answer some questions.

This one is from Alfonso. He says:

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I’m seeing this girl right now, and I like her so much that I may want to make her my girlfriend.

How can I make this happen?

Sometimes girls are scared off by “the talk”–or at least have been in my experience.

So do I just wait for her to bring it up or not?

Okay. It’s a great question, Alfonso.

It’s interesting because I hear this from women also–they’re afraid to bring up “the talk” and don’t want guys to run away.

I’ll show you the truth below:

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So I mean, the truth is, most people are afraid of vulnerability.

If you are the type of person who’s scared to bring up “the talk,” chances are you might be anxious-avoidant.

You can look up attachment theory, if you want, and read more about this.

But chances are you’re somewhat anxious about this, which is why you’re scared–and perhaps this is also why the women you have “the talk” with are getting scared off.

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So I would say if you’re scaring off women by this desire for something deeper, you have to wonder… maybe women don’t really like you.

And if that’s the case, there’s not a lot you can do.

As far as having “the talk,” I mean. If they don’t want to date you, that’s that.

However, if you’re specifically scaring off women who might date you with this talk, chances are you’re coming at it in a way too serious, heavy, potentially insecure way that makes them feel bad.

Which brings me to my first step to successfully make a woman your loyal girlfriend:

1) Avoid Any Feelings Of “Awkwardness” (Here’s Why)

A lot of women’s desire to move closer or further away is based on the feeling of awkwardness.

I mean, as simplistic as that sounds, you have to understand that women are so empathetic.

So if you feel weird about something, she’s almost always also going to feel weird.

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If she doesn’t feel weird because she’s so much more secure than you are, chances are she’s not gonna be interested in you anyway.

So in general, how you feel when you bring up any discussion is going to translate to how it feels between the two of you.

2) Put Your Desire Out There

So if you want to date someone, you should put that desire out there because who knows?

She might want to date you too.

(You can also easily tell if she’s interested and DTF by reading these signs…)

And if you don’t put that out there, you’re going to miss the boat.

She might actually lose respect for you if she can sense that you want to talk about it, but you don’t actually do it.

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So it’s important bring it up.

But you can say it in a way that’s super light and chill and, you know, unattached and humorous.

3) Say “I Like You” Before “Let’s Get Serious”

For me personally, if I want to date someone, before I ever bring up the question, “should we be serious?”

I say, “I like you.”

And I mean, you could say it in a silly way, or you can say it during sex.

You can say it in an intimate moment, you can say in a funny way.

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You know, a lot of people make “I love you” way too serious too.

But if you say it in the moment when you’re feeling it and you’re happy, it can be a lot less stressful.

“I just want to let you know I love you, and I don’t need anything back from you,” would work well, for example.

Even if she doesn’t say anything back, things are going to feel good between you.

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The worst way to say “I love you” is when you say it specifically to get it back, and to get reassurance from her.

Because that will make everyone run for the hills.

Even if she actually love you, it’s a huge turn-off.

You could imagine this if you’ve ever dated a woman who’s clingy.

I’ve personally dated women who are clingy, who I actually wanted to be with until they started grasping on me.

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It’s like, relax.

I was going to give her what she wanted, but the desperation was so unattractive.

She didn’t give me space to meet her in the middle.

So when it comes to men and women, it’s usually women trying to defend their sex this way.

So to me, it’s interesting that you’re concerned about commitment. Because if women are running away from you, you’re probably acting needy or graspy.

One thing I can tell you is that how you ask for something, or how you word what you want, usually tells the person you’re telling how to respond to you.

Here’s what I mean:

4) Expect A Positive Outcome (But Don’t Get Emotionally Attached to Her Response)

So again, if you’re saying something in a way that you expect her to say no, you will probably be crushed.

She’s going to want to say no.

Whereas if you say something light-hearted, just like, “You know what, I f***ing like you a lot. I want to date you”…

And you say it in a way that’s like, “Well, if you want me, great. If not, that’s fine.”

Then that’s super attractive.

You might have to fake it till you make it if you’re currently insecure. But do your best to put it out that way, and she won’t feel weird about it.

And she’s way more likely to say yes.

Because she’ll feel like:

“Oh, yeah, this guy doesn’t care. I mean, obviously he’s not needy as a need me. That must mean he’s a high value guy.”

“Yeah, maybe I do want to be his girlfriend.”

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And a lot of this involves translating how you feel, because women pick up on this a lot.

Women often make decisions based on how they feel, and a lot of how they feel is how you feel (in a relationship, anyway).

So a really big thing is before you put yourself out there, make sure you feel good, make sure you feel secure in yourself, and that will translate.

If she doesn’t like you, she doesn’t like you.

But if she’s in In that gray area, the best thing you can do to encourage her toward saying yes is to kind of assume she’ll say yes, an not be attached to the outcome.

Which brings me to my last step… and it’s the most important:

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