3 Secrets to Making a Good First Impression

First impressions are difficult but they’re unavoidable and extremely impact our relationships. So much so, that according to a study, positively biased first impressions was a strong predictor of both initial and longer term relationship development. In other words, being honest about who you are when first meeting somebody is key in establishing the relationship’s health! We know it can be uncomfortable at times to really relax into ourselves (especially when we’re around someone we’re attracted to!). So here are 3 secrets to making a good first impression that will settle those butterflies in your stomach.

  • Give yourself a wee pep talk!

Don’t worry about looking a bit silly talking to yourself before meeting someone. Saying a few affirmations isn’t folk-science. Their success, “is attributed to their ability to broaden a person’s overall perspective and reduce the effect of negative emotions.” This works by helping to realign your focus on the positive things your life, to remind yourself that YOU do have “it going on” and are interesting. So if you’re feeling nervous, take a minute and say, “I don’t know what I’m all worried about now. I am a cool guy/girl. I’m just feeling nervous because this is something new but it’s worth it”. You’ll calm down in no time, and it will show in how you carry yourself for hours.

  • LOL! Everybody loves to hear their own name and laughter.

No matter where you go in the world, people just love hearing their own name. Your brain even responds different hearing your name! This is a surefire way to not only help you remember their name, it’s a great way to improve how they see you and leave a terrific lasting impression. You can double this effect by being the first laugh out loud! When people hear laughter they instantly start to relax and enjoy themselves more. This works great with the being honest about yourself. According to renowned psychologists Gregory A. Bryant and C Athena Aktipis, “humans can tell the difference between fake and real laughter every time!” We know that communication is far more than just what you communicate verbally. Laughing will both relax yourself, the other person(s), and subconsciously demonstrate that you are an honest person to be around.

  • Have a mutual distraction

Don’t worry about having to be the whole kit-and-caboodle either. Having something of a mutual distraction (ex: walking, having a coffee, people watching, etc) is a great way to help ease everyone’s nerves and leave a lasting impression. This “distraction activity” wonderfully complements the above techniques by removing some of the burden of your own shoulders. So when you start to worry about making the right impression, try these 3 secrets to making a good first impression: 1) give yourself a pep talk, 2) get ready to laugh, and remember that people LOVE hearing their own name, and 3) have a mutual distraction!

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