3 Real Reasons Behind High Divorce Rate in the United States

Developed countries generally have a higher divorce rate. For instance, in the United States, the divorce rate is at least 50%. And many couples who aren’t divorced are unhappily married.

No wonder divorce lawyer James Sexton says the failure rate of marriage is actually 80% because only 20% of married couples are happily married.

Divorce in the USA is governed by state governments rather than federal law, the Federal Government does not have authority to issue a divorce.

Why do we have such a high divorce rate in the United States?

The truth is..

1. Women are more independent.

In a western country like the United States, women don’t have to rely on their husbands financially; therefore, getting divorced isn’t really a big deal for many women in terms of personal finances.

Better still, a lot of women may get 50% of their ex-husbands’ money, child support, distribution of property, division of debt after divorce. That’s why American women often consider getting a divorce when things don’t go right.

USA is the 3rd Highest Divorce Rate in the World
USA is the 3rd Highest Divorce Rate in the World

2. Expectations are too high.

Because people tend to have very high expectations when they get married, a lot of married couples are actually very disappointed by the reality of marriage. Relationship expert Jade Seashell said;

“Marriage is the hardest job in the world.”

Indeed, marriage is more than love because there are three pillars in a marriage: intimacy, emotional connection and mutual benefits. If a marriage has one pillar in it, it’s sustainable.

If a marriage has two pillars in it, it’s a very good marriage. If a marriage has three pillars in it, this couple should be on Oprah. Yet the majority of married couples expect three pillars in their marriages.

The Most Common Age at Divorce in the USA
The Most Common Age at Divorce in the USA

3. The No. 1 reason for divorce is money.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the first level of human needs is food, clothes and shelter; the second level of human needs is safety, including financial security; the third level of human needs is love.

Consequently, when money is a problem (the second level of human needs is an issue), people don’t want love anymore. As money is a very common problem in contemporary America, the divorce rate is increasingly high.

The Five Most Expensive States to File a Divorce
The Five Most Expensive States to File a Divorce

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