3 First Date Rules You Really Should Know

First dates are a time of excitement. Getting to know someone new is invigorating and adds spice to your life. First dates can also be challenging. Knowing a few first date rules can help smooth the way for both you and your date.

You might not think there would be separate dating rules for men and women, but there are. If you think that you are nervous, you can bet that your date is at least twice as nervous as you are.

So, in order to help the first date go more smoothly, you can follow some dating rules that can help make the date more pleasant for both of you. Nailing these first date rules can pave the way so you need to learn the second date rules.

However, that is a subject for a later time.

Some Important First Date Rules:

One of the most important first date rules to remember is to take charge. This does not mean to disregard your date’s preferences. Instead, it means to ask her preferences and use them as a jumping off point. Planning to go out to eat as a first date?

This is a popular choice for a first date, and for good reason. What other way to get to know someone better over a meal of good food?

However, do not expect the woman to choose the restaurant. Instead ask her what her favorite cuisine is, then go from there. Knowing that Italian food puts her in a good mood, for example, you can then decide if you want to hit up a popular chain restaurant because it is near other interesting things to do or if you would prefer a more intimate experience in a place that is tucked away.

In either case, you should plan to make the final decision when it comes to choosing the restaurant.

Another important rule is to pay attention to how you act. From the first moment you and your date see each other, you should smile and act pleased to see her. Make sure that you exude confidence in yourself. Women want to date a man who is sure of himself and who knows how to carry themselves.

That being said, make sure that your feet are on the ground as well. Engaging in a bit of humor at your own expense is endearingly charming and wins points with your date.

complimenting a woman

complimenting a womanIt is no secret: women love to be complimented. As long as the compliments are tasteful and heartfelt, you will not go wrong in handing them out to your date.

That being said, do not compliment her so often that she lacks your sincerity.

Of course, you think she is a wonderful person. Otherwise you would not be dating her. However, make your compliments specific. Something as simple as noting that the green in her sweater really brings out the aquamarine in her eyes will delight her and make her smile ;).

Showing a tasteful sense of humor is a wonderful way to spend a first date, as well as many more. Women love to laugh and a funny man will be one that they want to see again.

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