3 “Facial Cues” That Mean She Secretly Wants to F**k Your Brains Out…

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Guys, we need to talk.

Seriously. You’re frustrating my girlfriends and I, like, SO much. And I need to tell you why!

Do you have any idea how often we’re flirting with you, and you have no idea?

Okay, maybe you have an idea, but you doubt yourself or something, and you don’t respond!

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It happens all the time! One of my friends wants to jump some guy’s bones, and he totally doesn’t realize it, and everyone goes home alone. It’s a tragedy!

But I’m going to make sure you never miss out on the signs a woman is flirting with you, ever again.

You’d be amazed how many potential dates you miss out on if you don’t recognize this one simple sign.

A Women’s Point of View

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out at a club or a restaurant with my girls…

We’re hanging out, catching up, laughing about what’s going on at work, talking about boys…

And someone brings up her coworker, who she’s crazy about—and yet he just doesn’t get it.

She’s tried everything—lining up their lunch breaks so they have to take turns at the microwave, leaving her desk at the same time so they can walk to their cars together…

She’s flirting with him like crazy, and yet he just thinks they’re just dude bros.

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Now, let me tell you. This guy isn’t just playing dumb. This girl is smoking hot. He probably thinks it’s too good to be true!

But if he knew what I’m about to explain…

3 “Facial Cues” That Mean She Secretly Wants to F**k Your Brains Out...

Don’t Deny The Science

See, fellas, the thing is, science has got your back.

A study posted in The Journal of Sex and Research made a shocking discovery.

It turns out—and this is proven!—that there is one facial expression that women make when they’re trying to flirt with a man.

This special facial expression comes naturally to most women when we want to express sexual interest in somebody.

It’s practically a part of our DNA!

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And yet it’s amazing how often guys totally miss out on the signs.

Don’t be one of those guys!

You can bet my friend is giving her cute colleague this look a million times a day. It’s a simple expression, and it means just one thing.

Man, she wants to bang ya! (Well, at least she wants to get to know you better and then bang ya! Or maybe straight to the banging. Who am I to judge?)

So, what is this magical expression you may be missing??

3 “Facial Cues” That Mean She Secretly Wants to F**k Your Brains Out...

The #1 Sign To Look For

Listen closely.

In the noble name of science, we’ll call this the “Flirt Face.”

Okay, science does not actually call it that. But the scientists who wrote this study did describe in great detail what the Flirt Face looks like.

When a woman is trying to flirt with you, she’s very likely to do this. Watch closely for the following clues!

  1. Tip her face slightly to the side. (A little bit away from you, like she’s not looking at you directly).
  2. Smile slightly. (Not a big goofy grin. A bit mysterious, a bit playful. Know what I’m talking about? Heck yes you do.)
  3. Look in your eyes. (Not away from you, like she’s daydreaming about someone else, but right at you. Like you’re her prey.)

As soon as I read this description, I said to myself, “Those scientists are exactly right. That’s totally how I look at a man when I want him to want me. That’s totally how my girlfriends do it, too!”

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The science doesn’t lie! Over six separate studies, scientists had men look at women who were giving them all sorts of expressions, all of which might have been confused with flirting.

Then they had men identify words at random. Turns out after getting Flirt Face, men were more likely to identify words that had to do with sex.

What does that mean?

It means that women are hardwired to communicate with men they find sexually attractive using this unspoken clue.

We know somewhere deep in our bodies that if we look at you like this, you’ll get the gist that we’re into you.

(Well, we hope you will!)

But so many guys second guess themselves, our doubt their attractiveness, even when they get this look.

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“Oh, she’s just being nice,” you might say to yourself.

Never again, boys!

The super cool thing about this study is that most guys could tell the difference between our beloved Flirt Face and a regular happy smile, or just a friendly smile.

You just have to pay a little attention—and trust your gut.

So, if your instincts are telling you she might be flirting, you could be right!

3 “Facial Cues” That Mean She Secretly Wants to F**k Your Brains Out...

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