20 Best Sex Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

People have been reading and listening to sexual advice shows for years. Since podcasts became popular, you no longer have to wait to listen to your favorite shows. It’s easy to load up and listen to a podcast, but there are hundreds out there that cover topics on sexuality.

So how do you know where to start with so many choices out there?

We cover the top twenty best podcasts about sex and relationships regardless of your preferences. From funny stories to useful sexual advice, these shows cover it all. So break out your headphones and get listening.

1. Dipsea

Dipsea isn’t exactly a podcast, but a collection of steamy audio stories meant to get you in the mood. The erotic stories uploaded on Dipsea are relatable and empowering, allowing listeners to celebrate and explore healthy sexuality. You can browse stories based on your sexual preferences and interests or by situation depending on where you are and what you’re doing at the moment.

2. Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage is a love and sexual advice columnist and author. He’s been around and giving sexual guidance since 1991, so you can rest assured you’ll hear good advice on his podcast. As a free listener, you receive access to Micro Episodes that go back a year. But if you want access to all the episodes in the back catalogue you’ll have to pay for a subscription.

3. RISK!

This podcast is a live storytelling show where people can come out and talk about their riskiest, real-life stories. RISK! is one of those sex podcasts that listeners love because it’s uncensored storytelling at its best. People share stories they may never have dared to before, so you never know what you’ll get to hear.

4. Modern Love

Modern Love is a sex advice podcast all about relationships and love and is based on The New York Times’ column submissions. Hear readings by famous personalities and listen to some of the most touching or sensual stories out there submitted by listeners like you.

5. Sex With Strangers

Sex with Strangers is a refreshingly informative adult podcast by host Chris Sowa. Sowa travels around the world to talk to complete strangers about topics like sex positivity and asexuality. He asks the big questions so you can learn more about topics you may have been too intimidated to look into before.

6. The Heart

This is an audio art project that focuses on themes of humanity and intimacy. It deals with sex, the human body, LGBT+ topics, and feminism. The Heart wants to promote sex positivity and the often relatable stories are both immersive and informative. This is more than a sex stories podcast, it’s a podcast by women for women, although anyone can enjoy it.

7. Bawdy Storytelling

These are real-life stories from people on everything from kinks and sexual stories to education and more. People share their stories on the live show in ten minutes or less, many of which are outright hilarious. The host Dixie De La Tour is a sexual folklorist and uses her expertise to engage with and educate the audience.

8. Shameless Sex

Shameless Sex is a podcast hosted by sex and relationship coach Amy Baldwin and adult industry professional April Lampert. The two created the show to promote healthy sexuality and to make sex a shame-free topic. Discover the best ways to explore intimacy and how to get the most out of your sex life.

9. Angela Yee’s Lip Service

Radio personality Angela Yee and host of the show The Breakfast Club talks about love, sex, and relationships. This show often features popular R&B and hip-hop artists as guests and topics range from raunchy stories to advice for the bedroom.

10. Fangasm

Each episode in this podcast features a re-reading of one of many erotic fanfiction stories on the web. There’s a great deal of Harry Potter erotica but the hosts also cover popular TV shows, movies, and books. See your favorite characters in just about any fantasy you can imagine and enjoy the comedic commentary on each chapter.

11. Laid Bare

A show for the sex-positive and opinionated, Laid Bare covers stories and topics on sexuality, relationships, and more. It’s funny, real, and unapologetic and listeners love the energy and chemistry between the hosts. Listening to this show feels like chatting with your best friend.

12. We Gotta Thing

We Gotta Thing is a podcast by Mr. and Mrs. Jones, a married couple into the swingers’ lifestyle. The couple admits they aren’t professionals or counselors but want to share their own sexual experiences with others. If you’re curious about swingers or interested in trying it out, this is one of those sexy podcasts you can’t miss.

13. Sex Talk With My Mom

Comedian and host Cam does this show with his mom, a YouTuber with a sex-positive channel designed to help women get back into dating. Some of Cam’s most successful content came from her bawdy stories, and so the two decided to create a sex podcast hosted by mother and son. The hope is to inspire laughter and share relationship advice with others.

14. Inner Hoe Uprising

This weekly podcast is hosted by four black feminists living in New York City that call themselves ‘the hoes’. It’s funny and sensual and a good mix of personal stories and listener-submitted explicit adventures. The show deals with topics on sexuality, gender, history, and pop culture.

15. Off the Cuffs

Are you into or interested in learning more about kink and BDSM? If so, you can’t miss this podcast. Whether you’re in the lifestyle or curious about it, each episode features guest discussions on different sexual topics. Learn how to spice it up in the bedroom with a new toy or explore a new kink with this sex talk podcast.

16. 51 First Dates

51 First Dates is hosted by two best friends and focuses on dating, relationships, and love. Learn about the 51 Date Project and listen as they recap a new date each week. Been out of the dating scene for a while? This is one of those podcasts about sex and dating that can help you get back on track, or at least feel like you’re not alone.

17. Sex & Other Human Activities

Marcus Parks and Jackie Zebrowski answer listener-submitted questions and go over topics on sexuality and more. Listen to their personal stories and laugh along with them as they try to deal with the insanity that is relationships and sex.

18. The Manwhore Podcast

Comedian Billy Procida is a self-proclaimed manwhore that talks about his past relationships, sexual encounters, and more. He covers topics on sex and dating and has unique guests like a special ending masseuse. Procida also talks about what it’s like to be transgender in the dating world.

19. Dyking Out

Dyking Out is a comedic podcast hosted by two New York City-based comedians on topics about LGBT+ life, news, and entertainment. The show has guests from comedians to actors to more, so each episode has a different dynamic to enjoy. It might deal mostly with LGBT+ topics, but anyone can enjoy the show.

20. Loveline With Amber Rose

Once a popular talk radio show, Loveline with Amber Rose is now a podcast that deals with topics on sexuality and self-empowerment. The show also features Dr. Chris Donaghue, a sex therapist. Together, the two talk with special guests or sex counselors on topics of intimacy. The show also has real listener stories.

Spice Up Your Week With These Steamy Podcasts

Whether you’re listening at home, in the car, or at work, you can’t go wrong listening to the podcasts on this list. There are hundreds of podcasts out there, but these are some of the best sex podcasts that deal with sex and sexuality.

So grab your headphones or close your door and press play. But remember, these are all NSFW (not safe for work) so check the volume on your headphones. You don’t want everyone on your morning commute or at work to listen in with you, after all.

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