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How to find your life partner

Based on nothing but my personal experience – posting in case this helps 🙂 Every person and journey is different, but sometimes I love seeing other people’s experiences as a […]

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Dating Women Audio, Week of 03152021

Hi Garry, As soon as you began having trouble with your wife, you didn’t have “The System” overnighted to you (or buy my immediate downloads – ELECTRONIC SYSTEM or SYSTEM […]

How to Spot the Signs of an Online Romance Scammer

Reading Time: 5 minutes Online dating and social media sites have become increasingly popular tools to find love. Unfortunately, they have also become popular platforms for romance scammers. These con […]

The Problem With Being a High Value Woman

Posted by Sandy Weiner in love after 40, single women over 40 | 0 comments Are you a High Value Woman or a Woman of Value? Sounds similar, but they […]

The Friday Freebie: 3/12/2021

Welcome in! You got here from one of the social media channels in the Doc Love World so thanks for being here! Below is all the content we produced FREE […]

Ask a Matchmaker & The Love Doctor

PANDEMIC DATING HACKS Dating is all about options and finding a person who is going to live your best life together with you. So today we’re going to talk about […]

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10 Offensive Questions Women Truly Hate

You mean well, we know. But every now and again you throw us a chauvinistic curveball and we might pitch it back where you’re not wearing a cup. Maybe you […]

Bail Out! 5 Signs She Ain’t the One

In any relationship, we must look past some flaws, because we all have at least a few of our own. However, certain hangups are much more than hiccups. If your […]

How Much Does a Matchmaker Cost? The 4 Tiers

A matchmaker is who you turn to after dating apps have swiped the patience out of you. After your fingers are callus from the seemingly infinite hours you’ve put in […]

How to Make Sure She Says “Yes”

 How to Propose… Marriage or Anything Else… (And Make Sure She Says “YES”) Click Here Now to Discover 3 Simple Touch Tricks That Get Hot Girls to Strip Down […]